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The construction of the foundation for Tank T-231, Sines LNG terminal expansion, Portugal, 2010.

This 160 thousand cubic metre capacity tank is close to the epicentre of the worst historical European earthquake (Lisbon, November 1755).

It is designed for the 10 thousand year return period seismic event.

Sines LNG terminal expansion, Portugal, 2010

Structural consulting for major Energy projects

  • Petrochemical facilities (refineries, liquefied natural gas receiving terminals, chemical plant, marketing terminals)
  • Electricity generation facilities and transformer substations
  • Nuclear power plant - Primary Containment structures for PWR reactor vessels
  • Designs for site-specific conditions: special ground conditions, earthquake design loads, abnormal design loads (aircraft impact, explosion scenarios)
  • Compliance with European and U.S. design codes
  • Assistance with regulatory bodies and planning authorities
  • Condition surveys and retrofit designs for existing facilities
  • Worldwide coverage through experience in Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa, Americas
  • Experience of working with major Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Utility and regulatory clients